Pavel Malatkou

Considering himself more of an artist than a craftsman, Pavel Malatkou is on the path of never-ending creative search: the country house he lives in, the forest and the garden, all the details of nature around him create the inspiration to find elements and solutions which could be replicated in metal. Pavel considers his task as the artist not to copy creations of nature, but to recreate and strengthen impressions while keeping the forms as simple as possible.

“Insects have their own incredible design since the beginning”, he says, “and that is why I never copy them, since the copy would always look worse than a living creature”.

“My way to work with metal and my own style was not so straight, even though I have studied the specifics of metal at the Academy of Arts. It went side by side with classes in painting, color studies, and sculpture. In the end, the combination of them probably made me the master who I am now. People who buy my artworks and follow my search, they make me feel appreciated as an artist, and it gives the biggest joy”.