Handmade arts and crafts

Gallery 16 is a modern arts and crafts shop located in a Vilnius old town.

We value the ideas, the quality and the meaning: every item we sell is one of a kind, unique and handmade with love.

People and their relationship with nature is considered as one of the main motives of the works exhibited in the gallery.

Feel free to visit us every day from 11 am to 8 pm on Pilies street 16!


Artists in the Gallery

The balance between handmade crafts created by humans and the original lines which nature creates is my goal on the way to perfection.

Pavel considers his task as the artist not to copy creations of nature, but to recreate and strengthen impressions while keeping the forms as simple as possible.

“Divo” is an old word that refers to the author’s childhood and means a miracle, a marvel, a something which causes amazement – Mary believes that her crafts have the same effect!

By combining the shapes of real plants and imaginary ones, Sasha has found a never-ending inspiration, and every visit to the local forest brings new ideas.

“Eto Ceramics” symbolizes creativity, self-realization and creation. They often experiment and try new materials.

Educated both in Belarus and abroad he has developed his own creative style and works in completely different areas of fine arts – painting, graphics and sculpture.