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What matters most to me is creating works filled with love. I strive to be as open and sincere as possible with you. I really want you to feel the warmth when you hold my work in your handsView Gallery

The Arts of Clay

Diana Kucinskiene, the founder of "The Arts of Clay" studio, is a versatile artist with experience in ceramics. After a decade-long hiatus, Diana explored various fields such as teaching, curation, and design.View Gallery

Wood life

Beauty often lies in the simplicity of form, but each piece of jewelry, each figurine of “Woodlife” is a unique work which is always entirely handmade, always carved from wood by Andrius and painted by Ugnė.View Gallery

Tetry Glass

Design, craft or photography, whatever i do or ever done - first of all it means the research for me, ” says Alexander, the “Tetry Glass” project creator.View Gallery

Ramūnas Petrusevičius

Ramunas' works are striking in their diversity - in his fictional worlds, imaginary characters meet each other, fictional cities merge with nature, and familiar characters and places open from other angles.View Gallery

Tatiana Kandracienka

Tatyana's experiences and her attitude to the world are the main features of her unique style, where each portrait is not a specific person, but a reflection on the world, unusual angles turn out to be poses that are well known to us, and behind the seeming chaos you can see a harmonious order.View Gallery

Andrey Savich

Educated both in Belarus and abroad he has developed his own creative style and works in completely different areas of fine arts – painting, graphics and sculpture. View Gallery

Eto ceramics

“Eto Ceramics” symbolizes creativity, self-realization and creation. They often experiment and try new materials.View Gallery

Sasha Borshcheva

By combining the shapes of real plants and imaginary ones, Sasha has found a never-ending inspiration, and every visit to the local forest brings new ideas.View Gallery

Divo Ceramics

“Divo” is an old word that refers to the author’s childhood and means a miracle, a marvel, a something which causes amazement – Mary believes that her crafts have the same effect!View Gallery

Pavel Malatkou

Pavel considers his task as the artist not to copy creations of nature, but to recreate and strengthen impressions while keeping the forms as simple as possible.View Gallery

Volha Kuvayeva

The balance between handmade crafts created by humans and the original lines which nature creates is my goal on the way to perfection.View Gallery